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"The Chasers of Tornado Alley"

This award-winning documentary, produced and directed by Martin Lisius, follows a group of veteran storm chasers as they traverse Tornado Alley in search of nature's most spectacular weather. Considered to be one of the most accurate portrayals of real storm chasers ever made.

Running time: 48 minutes.

Purchase and download The Chasers of Tornado Alley from the Apple iTunes Store (closed captioning available)

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"Chasing the Wind"

Running time: 27 minutes.

Since its Public Television debut in 1991, Chasing the Wind has become an American favorite. Ride along with storm chasers as they track the elusive tornado across the Great Plains in this award-winning science adventure program. Written and produced by Martin Lisius. Watch "Chasing the Wind" at Vimeo VOD.


"The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide" by Martin Lisius

This guide, written by veteran storm chaser Martin Lisius, will help you prepare, monitor and act through all types of hazardous weather including tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, flash floods and blizzards. As you incorporate each helpful instruction, you will find that it is a "must read" for anyone affected by severe weather. This book could save your life!

Download The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide by Martin Lisius on iBooks (compatible on iPad and Mac only)

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TESSA "StormWatch" Storm Spotter Training DVD

StormWatch is the National Weather Service's storm spotter training video produced by TESSA in partnership with the Weather Service. It is the official video used by the National Weather Service to train storm spotter groups nationwide on how to identify and report potentially dangerous weather such as ravaging flash floods, deadly lightning and violent tornadoes. The video introduces these behind-the-scenes heroes to viewers and reveals the elements of severe weather each spotter must know in order to help save lives.

The video was directed by storm chaser Martin Lisius. It was co-written and produced by Lisius and National Weather Service meteorologists Alan Moller and Gary Woodall. StormWatch was awarded the 1995 Media Award by the National Weather Association for outstanding contribution in providing weather information to the public. Running Time: 30 Minutes.

Click here to order StormWatch on DVD

NOAA Weather Alert Radios

It's critical that your radio is always on with the alarm and voice volumes up.  A good weather alert radio works like this: a loud alarm sounds, a loud and clear voice (from the National Weather Service) is heard giving information and instructions, the voice ends and the radio is silent until the next alarm. Some radios also feature an LCD that lists the status of the radio and the current watch, warning, or other message. This offers a visual "alarm" option for those that are unable to hear the audible alarm.

You can view several models of weather radios here.

Smart Phone Severe Weather Apps

There are many weather apps that can help keep you updated. There is one app that we particularly like called RadarScope (for Android and iPhone). It's basically a high-end radar tool that displays not only reflectivity, but also base velocity which indicates particle motions (possible rotation) within a storm, as well as warning polygons and text. As far as we know, RadarScope is the highest quality weather radar app currently available. It's great for weather geeks like us. However, it does not presently offer a weather alert feature. There are several apps that do. You'll want one that can send you push notifications (alerts) for your specific area which you can setup within the app. We like having RadarScope and a weather alert app. It's a great combination.

You can get the RadarScope app for Android here.

Get the RadarScope app for iPhone and iPad here, and NOAA Weather Alerts app (by WeatherSphere) for iPhone and iPad here.

Quality Windshield Wipers by Bosch

Bosch makes a good wiper called Aerotwin.

Get Bosch Aerotwin wipers here.

Rain-X Glass Treatment

Rain-X can be very helpful when used properly. First, clean your windshield and let it dry. Then rub the treatment on with a soft, clean cloth or paper towel. Apply in a circular motion and cover only the glass. Let it dry to a haze. Now, sprinkle on drops of clean water. Rub with a soft, clean cloth or paper towel until ALL of the residue is completely removed visually. This last step is important to avoid smearing when it rains. 

Get the original Rain-X Glass treatment here.

Michelin LTX M/S Tires

These tires have a high wet traction and heat rating. They are designed for pick-ups, vans, and SUVs - and is what we use exclusively on the Tempest Tours fleet (LTX M/S and LTX A/T).

Get the Michelin LTX M/S tire here.

Vehicle Evacuation Tool

A vehicle evacuation tool may be a lifesaver if your car is washed off the road in a flash flood. Carry this tool in your car in case you need a way to escape quickly from when your doors won't open. 

Get a vehicle evacuation tool here.