TempestTours®   Est. 2000

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What do tours include?

- Storm chasing. We track and intercept the best storm of the day on severe weather days.

- The industry's most experienced staff. The single most important thing we provide our guests is an experienced and safe storm chasing team.  We've been successfully forecasting and tracking severe weather longer than most, and emphasize safety and education.

- Lodging. We stay at clean, comfortable Tornado Alley style motels, usually in small, rural towns. Most offer free Wi-Fi and a free, basic breakfast.

- Clean, comfortable, smoke-free, company-owned and carefully maintained vehicles. All guests will receive a window seat with an unobstructed view of our big sky. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art chase equipment including redundant weather radar and GPS systems.  They are built for safe and reliable travel including the highest rated truck tires in the world (for wet traction, heat and tread) and best rated batteries and roadside safety equipment.

- Limited tour sizes. We operate with a maximum of two vehicles for a safer, more enjoyable experience.

- Free on-board Wi-Fi in each vehicle.

- Exclusive chase team T-shirt.  A new, unique shirt is provided every season. 

- Daily weather briefings.  Our team will analyze and forecast a target early in the morning and will present a forecast package to the group prior to each day's chase. It's important to us that our guests leave with a better understanding and appreciation for our dynamic atmosphere.

- Personal service. Our staff is here for you. We will do everything possible to help make your trip with us comfortable, safe, and fun. Team members are always available to answer your questions about anything.

- Discounts on future tours. 
All return guests receive a $100 discount on tours.

- Our commitment to safety.  The safety of our guests and staff is our number one concern.  Tempest Tours has established a safe record and has maintained a commercial grade insurance policy since we began operating in 2000.  All driving records are checked and cleared each year by our underwriter.  And, our staff receives a thorough and updated safety orientation annually.  In addition, all guests are presented with an in-depth safety class prior to each tour. Our president, Martin Lisius, is also our risk manager. He is known throughout the storm chasing community for being tough on safe and responsible conduct. Martin is the author of "The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide," a book he wrote to mitigate the risks of potentially dangerous weather.

- Exploration days. When Mother Nature takes a rest, so do we.  On those days, we stop at sites like Mt. Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Devils Tower, Pyramid Rocks, Palo Duro Canyon, the Cadillac Ranch, The Big Texan, Chimney Rock, local National Weather Service offices, the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, or take a personal guided tour of the Lisius Farm in Nebraska.  And on these days, we eat delicious local Tornado Alley delicacies like chicken fried steak, some of the world's best BBQ and our legendary Tex-Mex cuisine. We make sure every day is a day of wonder!

- Storms! Lots of storms. That's what we do. See some of the storms on our Facebook page.