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Staff Articles and Storm Chasing Summaries

Lamb-Hale-Swisher County, Texas tornado Intercept, April 21, 2007 by Martin Lisius
Brisco - Donley County, Texas tornado intercept, March 28, 2007 by Martin Lisius
Thornberry, Texas tornado intercept, April 24, 2006 by Martin Lisius
South Dakota Tornado Outbreak and Intercept, June 24, 2003 by William T. Reid
Happy, Texas Tornado Intercept, May 5, 2002 by William T. Reid
Mullinville, Kansas Tornado Intercept, May 7, 2002 by Martin Lisius
Touching the Sky by Martin Lisius
Saronville and Edgar, NE  Tornadoes, Sept. 22, 2001 by Dean Cosgrove
The Seward, Nebraska, Tornado of June 13, 2001 by William T. Reid
Ada, Oklahoma Tornado Intercept, May 20, 2001 by Brian Morganti
Rare Bow Echo Tornado Chase, Montana, July 2, 2000 by Brian Morganti
Lake McClellan National Grasslands Tornado Intercept, May 20, 1999 by Brian Morganti
Tennessee Colony, Texas Tornado Intercept, May 4, 1999 by Martin Lisius
Needle in a Haystack Chase Day: May 30, 1998-Spencer, South Dakota by Martin Lisius
Spencer Tornado Chase by William T. Reid
S. Kansas Chase Summary, May 25, 1997 by Martin Lisius
May 25, 1997: Anthony, Kansas Chase by Brian Morganti
Colby, Kansas, July 21, 1996, Chase by Martin Lisius
Pampa - Hoover, Texas, June 8, 1995, Chase by Martin Lisius
The Last Chance Chase Last Chance, Colorado, July 21, 1993 by William T. Reid
The Tri-State Supercell, May 5, 1993, by Martin Lisius

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