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Tempest Tours General Tour Information

We are excited to be your host. Here are a few things you'll want to know about our tours:

First, you'll want to know something about the Tempest Tours philosophy. Storm chasing to us means finding the best storm of the day. It's about learning, seeing, and appreciating incredible weather in a safe and professional manner. An important part of storm chasing is just being on the Great Plains during the most beautiful time of the year. Farms, ranches, wheat fields, wildflowers, fresh air, big skies, friendly people, good food, small towns, and abundant history are all part of the grand, spiritual experience. Storms are really just the big fireworks show at the end of each day.

Tours include storm chasing, the industry's most experienced staff, lodging, weather briefings, free on-board Wi-Fi and exclusive tour T-shirt

Guests are responsible for meals and extra lodging prior or after the tour. We eat at casual restaurants, usually in small towns. When we have time, we eat at eateries featuring local cuisine such as chicken fried steak, Tex-Mex, steaks, BBQ, home cooked meals, and big breakfasts. We want our guests to enjoy the taste of Tornado Alley while they are on tour. When we are in a hurry to catch storms, we stop at McDonalds and truck stops. For those needing to eat healthy, even these fast options now offer salads.

During the tour, each guest will have an unobstructed window view in our clean, comfortable, smoke-free, air conditioned, owned, insured and carefully maintained 8-passenger vans.

In order to maximize safety, logistics and maintain the quality of our product, we operate a maximum.

Rates are subject to change. Guests are charged the rate published at our web site at the time of registration.

Register early as most tours sell out.

Longer tours offer more opportunities to see storms, shorter tours are more convenient. You can combine consecutive tours and receive $200 off your booking and free "in between" lodging. You may want to do this if you are a "storm nut" like us.

We will depart from, and return our base city. We may be chasing hundreds of miles from the base city during the tour - most likely in the states of TX, OK, KS, NS, SD, ND, MT, WY, CO, NM, IA, and MN.

We sometimes chase in Canada during June and July, so be sure to have a passport if you are booking a June or July tour!

Schedule your flight so you arrive in time to make the 10:00 am orientation. Most guests arrive the day prior to avoid missing the tour departure. Always a good plan. Schedule your departing flight so that it leaves after 3:00 pm on the final tour date, or just stay a day extra and relax.

Both Oklahoma City and Denver offer fun and interesting things to do if you arrive early or stay late.

Oklahoma City: BBQ, Tex-Mex, 89ers baseball, rodeos, museums, a beautiful and vibrant downtown district, tours at the National Weather Center in Norman.

Denver: Great food, Colorado Rockies MLB baseball, rodeos, museums, a beautiful and vibrant downtown district, and the incredible Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Bring a camera to take pictures. You can shoot almost everything with a good smart phone. If you want to bring fancy gear, then a quality zoom lens roughly in the 24 mm -105 mm (FF) range will cover most subjects. Fast, wide lenses in the 14-16 mm (FF) range can be quite useful as well. Several of our staff members are well-known, professional storm photographers and can answer any question you have on the subject.