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Saronville and Edgar, Nebraska Tornadoes, September 22, 2001
By Dean Cosgrove

My target was the Superior, Nebraska area.  When I left home (Curtis, NE) I noticed a weak LO WSW of my target area.  By late afternoon I noticed an area of broken stratus moving NNW .
This was an OFB (Out flow boundary) from convection in SE NE.  I  was also watching a line of towers trying  to get through the cap to my NW along the trough .  My location was on a hill between Angus and Edgar.  I could see there were more clouds and less heating to my east so I figured this would be as good a place as any to wait.  I have no doubt that the OFB played a key roll in breaking the cap along the trough I saw the first towers go up on what was to become the Main Event Storm of the day.  The only question I  still had was would the cap break before dark.  I did not get any further updates after leaving home other than OBS from NOAA  WX Radio.  I recall an OB with Grand Island having NE winds while Hastings had SE.  Once the cap broke --as others have mentioned --it didn't take long before things got very interesting.

The  report of a 1/4 mile wide tornado (NWS LSR's) was mine.  I told NWS  via cell phone call that I was 90 % sure  of my report of a large tornado.  After watching the video, I am now 100% sure. It could have been up to 1/2 mile wide before I lost it due to darkness and rain wrap.

This video was shot from 3 west of  Ong, NE looking  towards Edgar.  NWS has this listed in the LSR as the tornado location instead of my  location at 7:50 PM.  This is the tornado that did damage near Edgar, NE.  I also can confirm several power flashes from this tornado after dark.  I continued south and stopped again a few miles south of Ong. I could hear  a distinct roar to my north.  I'm not sure of exact # of miles due to concern for chaser safety--mine!  I was still on a gravel road after dark, with occasional power flashes to my north from a rain wrapped tornado .
The hail and rain were keeping me on the move.  I did not want to get trapped on a gravel road.
I made it to Highway 4  and drove west to allow the tornadic storm to pass to my SE.

The tornado The Weather Channel showed was NOT the Edgar, NE tornado.   They showed the Saronville, NE tornado.   This tornado touched down at 7:06 (funnel over 1/2 way down 7:07  was down for sure) and lifted at 7:24.